About the Artist

Hey, everyone! I'm Craig Marks, the mixed medium artist behind Big Lizard Studio! I reside with my beautiful wife and six amazing children on the incredible Florida Suncoast!

Ever since I picked up James O'Barr's acclaimed graphic novel "The Crow" in the late 1990's I became fascinated by the power that was generated from his simple black and white illustrations. The ability to switch from gritty to soft was nothing short of captivating to me.

Decades later, my work reflects how I see the world largely through high contrast black and white pieces with carefully selected color usage and placement. I work predominantly in inks, colored pencils, charcoal, graphite and enamels. When I am moved by color, you will also see me working in acrylic, watercolor, resins, and recycled materials.

I draw inspiration from the people and  places I have come across in my travels throughout the United States. Everyone has a story, and l do my very best to tell those stories in a way that is unique to my subjects. To me, it is not enough to simply capture what something or someone looks like. I need to capture what something or someone genuinely is.


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